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What is the Bream Team?
What is the Bream Team?


Who are they and what do they want?

Hello.  I am GiganticPuffyFluffball, webmaster--well one of them--of Bream Adventure, humor webpage deluxe.  Though said to be secret agents working for the government living under the sea with the intention of gathering the power of the fish known as bream around the world to generate power for the earth, this is entirely untrue.
The main reason this webpage is here is because of a caranoid named Datsun.  From what I know of him, he's a speed reader with a cool car and a love for all things random and purposeless.  It is he who taught me the ways of bizarre humor.  The whole thing's his idea, his dream.  Datsun arranged the layout for this site and created the base for our site, including the look and layout of most pages and the front page.  Datsun's kind of the CEO of Bream.  He's the guy in the right of the picture above.
Then there's me, the employee of Bream.  You can call me GPF.  Since Datsun doesn't have the internet at his house yet, I'm the one who updates, builds, codes, designs, writes, etc. for the site most of the time.  As seen with some of Datsun's work, however, including his philosophy, stories, and the main logo found on our front page, he could match my work.  I created most of the pages and wrote most of the material, and I create most of the graphics, including the one seen at the top of this page.  I am seen on the left side of it.
We both know HTML, we both are experienced in bizarre humor, and we both know decent graphic design.  Together, we create the Bream Team, masters of all things Breamy.  If you want to be a member of the Bream Team, send in your pieces of randomness, be they photos or pictures, or anything.
If you people support this site, by checking out our affiliate programs, sending us stuff, and spreading the word, someday we might buy a domain, and make a gargantuan page filled with Flash and complex coding, but what's the point when we have no support?  The best thing you can do now is post the official link on your site.
So, always remember to constantly check our site as we update it daily, and participate in anything you want to, like writing stories or stuff, and we'll always be willing to pay you back with our special graphics or linking to your site.
Well, that pretty much sums it up; now you know who we are.  Touching story isn't it?

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To contact us, go to the contact us page.
That was possibly the most purposeless thing I've ever said.  Let's hope that didn't help you in any way.