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The internet-pet system of the new millenium, coming soon.  Reserve an egg and a fishbowl today, by sending in your request for the fish.  To make Breambucks, send us stuff you wrote or found to put on bream.  Soon we will supply you with your "fish" and place it in either a fishbowl (costs 100 breambucks) or in a public aquarium (free).

The fish is simply a gif file, but the most life-like gif file you'll ever see.  You can buy food, clothes, shelter, and other items to keep your fish alive and happy.  Using breambucks, of course.  Every time you do something nice for bream, you get breambucks to buy fish stuff, and eventually other stuff.  Eventually features will be added that allow you to battle other fish, take your fish for a walk, and other stuff like that.  I'll store all the information for everyone's breambucks and fish on a gargantuan word document, and send you your info on request.  Currently, for example, Bella and Datsun has around 20 breambucks, and SoCrates, for winning the Bream Award of Excellence, has 40 breambucks.  As you can see, they'll need more if they want to achieve the Final Bream.  Once you purchase a fish, your breambucks will not deplete, but will be stored in another file representing how much effort you've put into your fish.  Eventually, you will have enough experience points, if you will, to evolve into another fish.  Different fish look different, have different powers in battle, and stuff like that.  Now, buy your fish.
The following fish are available for adoption:
Red Bream:  10 Breambucks
Silver Bream:  12 Breambucks
Scup:  17 Breambucks
Beluga Whale:  20 Breambucks
Great White Wale:  25 Breambucks
Great White:  80 Breambucks
The following Cephalapods are available
Chambered Nautilus:  100 Breambucks
Giant Octopus:  130 Breambucks
Ancient Squid:  180 Breambucks
Giant Squid:  195 Breambucks
The following Limited Edition fish are available
Garden Eel:  250 Breambucks
Moray Eel:  255 Breambucks
Seahorse:  350 Breambucks
Seadragon:  500 Breambucks
The following Jellies are available:
Moon Jelly:  600 Breambucks
Sea Nettle:  640 Breambucks
Big Massive Thing:  700 Breambucks
Bigger Massive Thing:  750 Breambucks
Portugese Man of war:  800 Breambucks
The Following Aliens are available:
X0:  900 Breambucks
X150:  910 Breambucks
X394:  920 Breambucks
Schloogenheimer:  930 Breambucks
Schlooogenheimer:  940 Breambucks
Schloooogenheimer:  950 Breambucks
The following Deluxe fish are available:
Clownfish of Doom:  1000 Breambucks
Salmon of Doom:  1200 Breambucks
Trout of Doom:  1400 Breambucks
Blue Shark:  1450 Breambucks
Crab of Pain:  1500 Breambucks
Horseshoe Crab:  1700 Breambucks
Thresher Bream:  1800 Breambucks
Golden Bream:  1900 Breambucks
Final Bream:  3000 Breambucks
When you achieve the Final Bream, you can change back into any other type of fish, and can start over with a new fish.  When you have completed one fish, you will be able to gain breambucks twice as fast.