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Movies and Stuff

The Show to See

Anger Management

Anger Management is currently the show to see. I'm sure this is a story all of us can relate to. Well I found it easy. So anyway, this story is more fun than a barrel of depressed fountain pens and will leave you laughing your pitiful head off.

The story is about possibly the most calm guy in the world who is blamed for having anger problems. He is appointed by court with an anger therapist, who drives the main character insane and is bent on stealing his girlfriend. Another thing we should all relate to. Though politically incorect in... maybe 378 ways, we know everybody laughed at it.

Maybe I'm just a big fan of the cast but I liked it. It's playing in four theatres in the theatre nearest me, so it should still be out. If you missed it, I pity you dearly and hope that you purchase it when it is released.

The Show to Rent

A Beautiful Mind

I dug out an old one for the first time and it was pretty awsome. This sickening tale of the mind will leave you with your jaw hanging open for the second half of the movie. Yep, it's pretty disturbed, but it's one of the most well done movies since that one made by a flying lemur.

Wow, you say, that's awefully good. Yes, it is, my friend. It's about a mentally ill mathematician trying to figure out what's going on. It's highly depressing, quite painfully in multiple parts, but always enjoyable, nonetheless. Unlike Mr. Thoughtful (the guy in the papers that gave away the ending) I'm not going to give away the ending. But I am going to say it's good.

This tidbit of pain brought to you by GiganticPuffyFluffball

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The Show to See

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