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Something to Think About

The Squid Times's Attempt to Complicate Today's News

Inventing Doom

I dunno, it's not really news, but I found it interesting. Ever think about inventions? I think some things need to be invented, like new television channels for cable, and that stuff, but I think we should try to live without the important stuff. We were the ones who invented some of the most dangerous things to us. For example: picture a world where we never invented the airplane. Say good-bye to your trip to Hawaii, but then how could any "scary people" ever get into our country? Think about it.

And the way we share our inventions, or even their ideas. Our strategies, our technologies. We'd have nothing to worry about in today's world had we not shared information, like important stuff in our counry and how to access it.

So basically, our own technologies are the ones used against us in most every case. Would anyone have found the airplane if we didn't? Would they have found a better way to access America?

Is it worth it to invent things that enhance the lives of every American, yet endager them at the same time?

So that concludes today's edition of Something to Think About, the Squid Times's attempt to complicate today's news. Think about it!

This Tidbit of Pain Brought to You by GiganticPuffyFluffball

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