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Novels of Fluff

GiganticPuffyFluffball's brilliant novels.

Here are some of my novels.  I shall release them chapter by chapter.  The one I am working on now is a drama... not quite as bizarre as my little poetic scribbles found in "stories of little or no purpose".  Without further ahdu, I present Munchies for Mr. Squid.  (Sorry, tripod has this thing, you know?  It doesn't like quotation marks, they make him angry.  So just fill them in when you think they should be there)

Spread the word!

When it's completed, feel free to use it as a book report or something.  Tell your teacher you got permission from the author, publisher, etc. that you don't have to write a bibliography.  Print it out and sell copies, however...  and you shall once again suffer the bream of doom.

There once was a squid...