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Abiclabicus's ressurection is underway.
The new bream is inevitable.
Stay tuned, humans.





For those of you that have never been here before, welcome to bream, the ever collapsing site of things random and bizarre.  To those of you that are not new here:  Yes, I know the links were messed up.  they're fixed now, in any case.  Click on that link above to view the best story in the world, MFMS

Well, if you are actually a regular here, well, now you may have seen everything on the site. Okay, I'm not going to lie, I haven't been updating the site, and probably won't update it very often. Some people are too busy to spend their time on the internet. Yes, I'm that busy. Irksome, true, but I'm afraid BA is dying, and try as we may, datsun and I cannot find the little shock thingies to start its heart up again.
To show you that I do care, however, I've put Munchies back up. Spread the word about munchies, and maybe we'll get enough traffic to hire some more programmers or somethin.
Oh, and by the way, Archibald, my best story ever, has been lost for eternity. It is supremely annoying. One thing that makes me happy though is that my neighbor finally found my backup copy disk of my first novel, which I lost two years ago. I started it when I was about 6 so it's not that cool, but it's written by me so of course it's an ingenious literary masterpiece.
Well, adios amigos, I've gotta go wrestle a flock of howler monkeys.
This is Emelio, sayin' bi

Hey, 'sup peoples? GPF here. Just, sayin' hi. Hi.
Okay, now you know I'm still alive. Barely, just barely, but alive nonetheless. I haven't updated recently, as I am trying desperately to clone the Giant Sloth, bring it back from extinction, change the ecosystem, then wipe out the species once more. Needless to say, this has been time consuming, and now that I've finally found time to update Bream... well I feel great. So great, that I've added a whole new story. S'called Archibald Voddler. Very cool. I wroted it my self. Go to my page under to find it, and there is also an ad above in the new "Startling Site Selected Story" section, where I'll advertise featured parts of the site. Bear with me folks, I'm not in one of my creative moods, so "startling site selected story" is as good a title as it's gonna' get.
Well, our site's advertising status... We've got no ads, and it doesn't look like we ever will have ads, either advertising us on other sites or advertising other sites through us. We're in an eternal advertising slump of destruction, destined to doom our site for all of its existence, unless some kind (and intelligent) fellow out there wishes to help us. Put our link on your site, e-mail us, and we'll put your link on our site. Deal?
Our stories are better than ever, as we have more pieces of writing as we ever did. Remember, if you have a work you want published, send it to us! NOW!
Well, that's it today. Have a swell day, and I hope to see you tomorrow here on bream (yes, that's right, I can see you). Emelio, saying "Bye"

August 21, 20003

Hiya persons! How ya' be? Welcome to Bream Adventure, random humor headquarters. Why did I change the title up there? Being the #1 SEARCH RESULT ON GOOGLE AND YAHOO FOR "BREAM", "ADVENTURE THROUGH TIME AND SPACE", AND "GIGANTICPUFFYFLUFFBALL" wasn't good enough for me. Now I'm going for "bizarre humor".
So why am I not updating often? Well, a series of seriously irksome occurences are currently irritating my complicated life of bizarre events. So let's take a moment to pity Emelio.
You done? Already? Pity me more.
Okay, well, anyway, we've got some new writers, one by the tentative alias of Link Nordstrom. We don't have his works up yet, but they'll be up eventually.
My section of the site is being set up, and will soon be completed. There you will find my new novel, Archibald Voddler of the Lollipop Nebula, about a grumpy space-cop's attempt to save the universe from a 2 year old and her evil alien mafia she leads. Datsun's site is being set up too, and SoCrate's too.
Anyway, as soon as I find the money to buy macromedia studio, I'll create a new HTML and flash site and purchase a domain, but for now bream remains nailed to tripod. Oh well.
Just remember, bream is only as big as thine support. Support this tropical fish, and greatly will thou be rewarded.

GPF, signing off!

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