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Aug 16, 2003

Hey everybody! I'd like to direct you toward the link on your right, to Brettia, a gargantuan Role-Play forum, featuring a large percentage of our writers. 1 to be exact. Anyway, it's pretty cool, so go there and put it in your favorites menu, right underneath us.
Updated recently is... well not much. I've added more banners to try to get more hits, but it ain't workin' well. Remember, if you advertise bream, we'll advertise you, and everyone wins! Just send us mail or tell us you're advertising strategy in the guestbook.
So now we only have about 4 writers. NOT ENOUGH! NOT ENUOUGH! I'm adding a section that will explain how you can join our writing team. Actually just send us a mail saying you have a story and we'll post it. You realize that once we have enough support to start advertising heavily, all of our writers will become world famous authors. More or less. IS THAT not... WHAT you WANT?! HMM?? THINK about it...
Anywho, have a disturbingly happy day, which will be rather easy if you spend all day at my site. BI!


August 4, 2003

Hi. For those of you that don't know, I am GiganticPuffyFluffball. My real name is Emelio. But you don't know that. This is Bream Adventure, worldwide headquarters for stuff you don't normally read or watch on TV, but we know you think about anyway.
Our website is like a balloon with an depressingly annoying green toad trapped inside of it. Our site grows and grows, as it changes and bounces around in irregular patterns, thanks to the toad. However, the toad is weighing it down to the ground. We need to advertise, so we can gather enough people to remove the toad and allow our site to rise and rise and rise past the stratosphere so it can violently explode due to low barometric pressured altitudes.
Currently being built are a comic, a sitemap, a flash intro, and, yes, a picture of a disturbed chickadee. However, what's the purpose to our struggles if no one is around to witness these beautiful digital pieces of useless rapture? Help us advertise, and perform our F.L.E.P. link exchange, sign up for our newsletter, and in the name of all things with names that one can remember without excruciating difficulty... tell your friends...
So throw down that stuffed E.T., get yourself a large Dr. Pepper, place it next to your computer no matter what your boss says, and enjoy your visit to the worldwide headquarters for random humor.

This is GPF, signing off! ::salute::

News Flash!:
This has been a news flash.  In fact, it has been two newsflashes in the form of one.  Anyway, Who is the SuperGiantBream has been updated.  Click on the file to download my first professional web graphic (yep, it's... kinda' not good, but good enough for my customers).  Made using PortalGraphics' Open Canvas.  Yep.  Okay I'm done.  Read the next update.  I'm going to leave that one up for a while for all ye' newcomers.

Sunday, July 27, 2003

Hey everybody! GUESS WHAT? I'm BACK! WHOO! Sorry, but mi computer was having technical difficulties, so I haven't updated the site in a long long time. But now I'm back with avengence, and I've been thinkin', and I'm going to add more pages than ever before, giving every major contributor his or her own page. This might be done next year, but nonetheless it will be done!
Anyway, let's talk about stuff. Now I've got a brand new internet connection faster than ever, and a brand new shiny expensive alienware laptop, faster than ever (oh, you know you want one. If you want one, just look up our affiliates! Remember, the product is always better when you get it through our ads!), so I'll be on here more often than ever... for the next few days, after which I'll be on vacation until the new schoolyear.::shiver::
Well, we've got new works from SoCrates, Deltaco, Bella, and other contributers. I'm beginning to work on the Squid Times, our online Newspaper, and it should be up next year. That's all I can promise. It's hard...
I don't have many updates now, but I'll work on the site heavily in the next few days, and maybe something cool will appear in the lair of Bream.
Well, that be it for today!

GPF, Signing off

July 11, 2003

Well, hello everyone!  This is GPF!  I've got a few updates for you, most of which you should find interesting.  These updates of mystical wonder shall be revealed to you very, very soon.  But first, this sad piece of info must be conveyed.

Munchies for mister squid has been removed temporarily, and possibly permanently so I can try to get it published or something.  A new section will be created that will explain to you the level of plagurism that we will accept.  But since I don't have much technical stuff done, Munchies is not safe here, and I really don't want this piece that's taking me hours and hours and hours stolen.
Anywho... phishy philosophy (in the mind's glitches) is updated, and so is the images section.  I'm working on a sitemap so I don't have to tell you where everything is all the time.

That's my e-mail adress.  Send me an e-mail now, for no reason, just to let me know you're here.  We're trying to set up an international community of random humorists, and so far we haven't gotten guests outside of our little underwater trench.  Please e-mail us, sign up for our newsletter, review our work, write or design stuff for our website.

Well, that's it for today.  Bi!

GPF, signing off

Happy 4th everyone!
I wanted to notify you that Munchies will not always be posted. I'm going to take it down, possibly next week, so I can try to get it published or something. I recommend you read it now. There. You have been notified.
Datsun has mailed me about the direction of bream, and I must say I agree entirely. The little breamchild and breambucks experiment didn't work, as nobody signed up for anything. Secondly, who comes to this site to play random flash games, not so much purposeless as they are purposed on a completely random topic that doesn't end up fitting well with the game next to it.
These things were way too much work for their worth, so I hope all you huge fans of some of this material don't cry too hard, but these things have been temprarily annihilated to make room for more breamlike material. Perhaps we'll reopen it some day, or possibly create another site. But Bream is designed for bizarre humor, and that is what will be displayed here.
Anyway, the stuff I added includes a new chapter of munchies for mister squid under "the mind's glitches," and "novels of fluff", a new section for one of our contributors, SoCrates, which can be found under "the mind's glitches," and a couple pictures sent to us by Bella Stine. Thank you Bella.
So, I guess that's it for today... BI!

GPF, saying bye, bye, bye

June 30, 2003
Hello everyone! First off, look at the scroller bar. This is just experimental, I need GPF and Datsun's opinion on this. You probably already know this, but I'll tell you anyway. GPF has added one fish and aquarium to BreamChild. E-mail GPF to tell him what fish you want. Remember, to get breambucks, you have to help us out. You have to interact as though the only thing in your pathetic life that was importiant was to serve Bream. But, that should be your only mission in life, anyways. O yes, beack to the updates. We also have a new Breamy Buddy, the smite button. Go to Breamy Buddies to check that out. I am going to talk to GPF about a new scroller bar, that of course, would be the bream coulor sceme(cool, I rymed).
"May the Bream be with you"


June 23, 2003

Well, hello everyone. Welcome to bream, headquarters for random, purposeless humor. I proudly announce the concept of Breambucks. Every time you do something for us, like participating in the link excange, you get Breambucks, usually in quantities of around 20. By paying us the proper amount of Breambucks, we'll do something for you, like put your banner on our front page (for about 3000). For more information, go to the message board under "Breambucks and Breamchild".
A new chapter of Munchies is being written, expect it up this week.
SoCrates has his own section now, you can find it under "The Mind's Glitches." In it is Abiclabicus and the sequel.
Breambattles with the fish from breamchild is being set up, and so is the upcoming comic series written by me and maybe a couple others, the Adventures of the Super Giant Bream. Expect them up in July
Well, that's it for today's updates. BI!

GPF, saying, "so long, and thanks for all the fish!"

June 20, 2003

Hi. Me here. There are 2 new features, both of which are not completed. They are the Supergiantbream comic and the onine pet system Breamchild. Yes, you need breambucks if you want to purchase the fish. Earn breambucks by sending us stuff. Check it out for more details.
Oh, and the Message board is coming along great. Go there NOW!
Well, that be it for today, see you.

GPF Saying "So long, and thanks for all the fish". That works incredibly well here. I think I'll use this every update. It's a douglas adams book, by the way.

June 17, 2003

Hiya persons! I am here again. Welcome to Bream Adventure, the Ultimately Pointless, home of random purposeless stuff that you can't help but laugh at. So, how are you doing? Having fun talking with the people at the message board? I've got four members already, which all happen to be my colleagues. Surely you've debated signing up by now! Sign up and have fun! Then keep coming back, so you're more and more temted to click on the pretty ads. Yes, click on the ads for eternal happiness... I'm all happy now cause I know basic Javascript. Hey, watch this:


Woo! I wrote that script myself. See, it's the time. Neat huh? ::Squeak of happiness::
Ahem, anyway... um, updates! Yes, updates. As you can see, the new section "Who is the supergiantbream" is up, which will hopefully explain who the supergiantbream is to you. Sorry, that page is not complete. Expect it this July.
Let's see, we've got a new random story for you, and... Well that's pretty much it. Come back tomorrow for something else new and exciting.

GPF saying farewell

June 8, 2003

Yep, the message board is up. Yes, it is small isn't it?! Ah well, post in it anyway. I didn't edit anything, it's all based on the default template. It will eventually be very cool though.

June 5, 2003

Well, hello people. The first thing I'd like to say is "Go to the link exchange, for it is cool." Every member of Flep will get special privilages on the site.
I'm very sorry for not being here for five days. But I be here now! And... updates! Yes, updates. If this is your first time here, welcome to Bream Adventure, possibly the funniest, oddest, and most unique site on the net. If not, then here are the updates.
As you can see, you can no longer access the Squid Times. It is very very not good, because it is completly empty and hasn't been updated for a month. So as soon as I feel the rest of the site is done, there will be no Squid Times.
My favorite new thing is the message board. It isn't available yet, but it will be soon and it will be good. Very good. Come here every day to post your literature, pictures, or tell us about something on the message board, when it exists.
Um... let's see... One thing that disappoints me is that I never find anyone at Doodlebream. Go there. Now. It's a really cool chat room.
A new chapter might be lurking in Novels of Fluff. If you have a novel you'd like to share, send it to us and we'll create a new webpage for it. I'm adding a table of contents for Munchies for Mister Squid, by the way.
There is now a page called Staff Lounge. Sorry, you'll most likely never get in it. Ha ha.
Well, um, that's basically it. The current prize for giving us mail is a catalogue of pictures, most of which are viewed on the site, and others are exclusive! Exclusive things are cool, by the way.
Well, that's basically it. Thank you for REPEATEDLY coming to our site. Remember, supergiantbream, or just search for GiganticPuffyFluffball, one word, on Google, to access our site. This page never stops being updated, so come back frequently. Kay? BI

GiganticPuffyFluffball, signing off.

June 2, 2003
Hiya, persons!  As some of you may know, I was recently engulfed by a giant wombat, and have not been able to update recently.  And since Datsun has no internet at his little space pod at the moment, he sadly cannot update often.  Apparently he has added some pictures for you, while I was gone, though, and some other things.  But I've escaped, and am ready to update.  Go to "The mind's glitches" then click on "Novels of Fluff" to read the next chapter of "Munchies for Mister Squid", one of my finest pieces.  It's not that random yet, but it's written by me, and it involves squids, so it fits here.  Also, I've added another random story of little purpose by DelTaco, and am about to set up the ads.  Yay, ads!  That's it for today.  BI!
GPF, signing off!

Hello. Welcome to Bream, the online headquarters for random disturbed things. Perhaps you were searching for weird things and this came up. Perhaps not. Perhaps you were told to come to this site. Perhaps you would like me to stop saying pehaps and get on with the site. Yes, that seems more likely. Anyway, check out the stuff, and if you think you are worthy to write random stuff for us, check the "Contact Us" page.  Perhaps you shall be rewarded.  Send anything offensive, and perhaps we will unleash our Bream of Doom (see right).

  May 30, 2003

Hey, how's life buddies? How'd your day at work go today? Did you finally shoo off that giant falcon in your garage? Well I'm happy for you. So happy, that I made some updates. Yay, updates!
First, there's a brand new chapter of Munchies for Mister Squid, under the Mind's Glitches-->novels of fluff. Who is the mysterious squid hunting trio? How on earth are they going to pay the unemployed scientist half a million? All questions answered... in the next chapter! But in order to understand the next chapter, you have to read this one! So read it!
Secondly, we've added ads to our site! Yay, ads! Seriously, click on 'em. Good stuff, folks, stuff we invest in ourselves.
Thirdly, a new download... height chart of the new design for the Bream Team, with Deltaco too. For information on how to draw these types of characters go to MSPaint Adventure. Sure, it's not complete, but it will tell you how to make a simple cartoon face.
Lastly, I would like to say that the Squid Times does follow the laws of time and can possibly change throughout the passage of time. I just am so busy now, I haven't updated it in over a month. As soon as I feel the site is "complete," I will start vigorously working on the Squid Times.
Well, that's it for today folks! See you!

GPF, saying "Good bye my friend, and do not go near the fruit bat for it is not friendly..."

May 26, 2003

Well, our site is certainly evolving. It started off as an amoeba, and now it's at about wombat stage. Intelligent life is just around the corner. I've added some stuffs, like affiliate programs and a google search engine, so be sure to try them out.
Now, down to business. I've got tons of random pictures that are just begging to be posted. Expect them soon. Munchies for Mr. Squid will be updated... um... I'm sayin'... tommorow. THE EFFORT IS there, I'm just a really really busy guy.
I've teamed up with writer DelTaco to help design his Halo (XBox) website. It's pretty good, check it out.
Okay, so we all know you're all envious of my mad skills with MSPaint. Well, pout no longer, for I've created the site "MSPaint Adventure", the ultimate power of Microsoft Paint.
Well, I've found a nice pinapple to live in, so I'll be near a computer for a while. Expect lots of updates. Don't forget to check out our linked sites. Now, off with you!

GiganticPuffyFluffball, signing off!

May 25, 2003

Hiya persons! GiganticPuffyFluffball here. You havin' the nice day? Let's here it for our first supporter (other than GigglyEggroll, DelTaco, So-Crates and our other fellow agents), Dr. Odd. I'm not quite sure what his site's about, but go there anyway. It's Very well put together. Gots the neat flash powered table of contents, and tons of stuff. Remember, thousands of people come here. If you support us, we'll only get more people. We'll then support you, giving you thousands of people. Do you see the loop? DO YOU SEE THE LOOP?
So here I am, midnight, scribblin' down simple HTML. Really simple HTML. Someday, if I get enough support, and when Datsun and I finish our advanced web design and graphic design class, I'll create this astonishing thing and buy a domain. That'd be neat wouldn't it?
Not that much is updated now. I've got some neat new pages I'm working on. I'm helpin' DelTaco on
My new site on tripod, made 100% by me, is this is a detailed tour for using Paint. Yes, Paint. You really wouldn't believe what you can do on that thing. Go there, and learn. You'll enjoy the adventure.
Don't forget to go to link-to-us and download the official link picture. Paste it on your site and we'll post your link. You'll find all my supporters' links in Breamy Buddies, found under Links. Some, if good, will go in specific categories, like games.
Well, that's it for today's rambling. Have a very enjoyable couple of hours, then feel miserable for a few minutes, then pretend to be happy for exactly 13 seconds. By then I'll have updated it again. Maybe.

GiganticPuffyFluffball, signing out

May 21, 2003

Hiya, persons! Welcome to Bream, ultimate headquarters for the random and purposeless! GPF here, and I've got some updates for you. I've got a brand new chapter of Munchies for Mister Squid under the mind's glitches/novels of fluff.
I created a link to us site, where I will put our official link that you can place on your site. Please do it. If you link to us, we'll link to you. E-mail us when you place the link.
I answered another question in the questions and answers, found in About Us. The quote of the day is updated, as always, and you can find links to our favorite game sites under the games section.
Remember, this site is updated all the time. Keep coming back! Please!

GiganticPuffyFluffball, signing off!

May 18, 2003

Well, hiya persons! I'm gettin thing oarghinnized, and I think our site keeps looking more and more official. A couple of our sites... well they were there but they didn't allow themselves to become there. You couldn't access them. Now you can. Everything except the squid times (Well, maybe some of the archives -Datsun) is no longer under construction. I answered another question, and am adding new stories as I speak, which is about every waking moment of my life, cause I like to talk. Especially when I'm happy.
We're back on google, we have accomplished our purpose (some random guy signed our guestbook) and our games rock. I play them all the time.
Hope you have a happy day, and hope to see you again tomorrow, via this site. Yes I can see you.
Does that scare you?

GiganticPuffyFluffball, signing off!

May 15, 2003
Well, I have finally cleared up the masses of webpages left by our rapid expansion. Don't worry, I haven't deleted anything, it is just accesible from different locations.  Such as, all stories are accesible from the story archive page, the mailbag is accesible from the "Contact Us" page, and Doodlebream is accesible from the pictures page. Anyway, this is a visitor sustained site, and we need more user-written material! Send us stuff at: Also, send any questions and comments here.

May 13, 2003

Well, hiya people! The most majorly intriguing update is the games page. These are good games. I like them. I like them good. We're adding the random random quote generator. It's not working now, but it will be soon.
We've apparently gotten people to visit from all over the globe. We've gotten 3 people to review the site: DelTaco, So-Crates, and one of So-Crate's friends. All of whom live within 20 miles of each other.
Surely, we can do better than that.
Sign my guestbook, post our link, do something! Please, we worked very hard to put together this site, pity us and help...
Another thing we're missing is stuff. We need stuff. Give us stuff. I want stuff. Send us a picture, story, quote, something you said that would fit in Phishy, give us anything.
I'm very greedy, and would very much enjoy your support. In return, we will not only give you the Award of Excellence image, but a copy of the intro and the Trophy of Excellence, and HTML codes for your own site. That's pretty good.
So go to Contact Us and send us stuff, or sign the guestbook found to your right. If we appreciate your efforts, check your e-mail for our rewards.
Thank you so much for your consideration!
Wow, you actually read it up to here. You read all of my rantings. Good for you. That makes me so happy... Now explore my site!

GiganticPuffyFluffball, signing off

May 11, 2003

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY! Time to give your moms stuff, and express your infinite care for their kindness, wisdom, and other stuff.
I cry, for I am sad. Yesterday I was on Google, today I am not. I was really happy for a moment there. Oh well, you can still search for us on Yahoo directory.
So, what did I update today? You may find a new random story, and a new quote of the day.
Have a very enjoyable holidayous sunday and look forward to when I update tomorrow and return to google.

GiganticPuffyFluffball, signing off

May 10, 2003

I am so happy I could cry, but I'm not because I don't like yellow angler fish, and crying could attract some. But I'll tell you why I'm happy. We are now on google, along with yahoo, and a couple of other search engines. I've spread the word on several message boards, as well. Finally, I'll be able to expect some viewers.
I have created a new page containing the philosophy of the Bream Team and friends. So-Crates should have a blast on that, and we have some of Datsun and my quotes, and one by DelTaco, involving several random objects that don't go well together.
Also in the philosophy section is our favorite words.
Chapter 3 for munchies is done, it's not there now but will be soon. I'm really busy now, as I am obligated to vibrate several tiny strings and care for my newly obtained furry object, and my superior handed me this large collection of paper and demanded I examine it, but nonetheless my computer is functioning and as long as it is I will update this site until it's larger than tripod itself, which will take either 3952 years or a very large bitmap. But I am Fluffball! Do not underestimate me!

This is GiganticPuffyFluffball, signing out

May 9, 2003

Hey, peoples! Judging by the patterns of the hit counter at the bottom of the page... I don't think people are returning after they visit our site. Datsun and I update this page every single day and we have tons of interactive stuff--this isn't the travelling fair, people, you can't possibly do all of the possible stuff in one day here.
What are we updating? Well, for example, the tabloids section has been added to our Squid Times. The first report contains information from one of my fellow agents, DelTaco, who has the ability to write disturbing purposeless stuff. Yes, he fits well here very well indeed.
I'm still fixing up the network of stuff in the Squid Times and the intro. Datsun's working on stuff too. What that stuff is I'll most likely never know.

GiganticPuffyFluffball, signing out!

May 5, 2003
Hey!  How ya doin'?  This be your first or fiftieth time comin' to my site?  Doesn't matter to me, as long as you keep coming back.  Let's see, I added a quote of the day, another Geocities site I made, and even a line of text under the link to the photos of the USS Bream.  Other than that, it's just another day.  O, and the intro's coming along.  It's small and pitiful and musicless so far, but it'll be good enough for a little kid to stare, pointing at the computer moniter, and yell, agbah!  Which is actually pretty good, and must be pretty captivating.  Since you're probably not very interested in me talking and probably haven't read this far, and nobody seems to ever come here anyway, I'll now stop talking to allow you to browse my lovely site of horrible anguish.  Good day.

May 4, 2003

Hey, guys, the stats say that thousands of people have come, but I don't see any sign. Give me a sign, please! Sign the guest book, post something on our message board, come to our chat at doodelbream... I really appreciate you coming, but how am I supposed to know you came at all? Don't forget, we'll send you the special graphic of the bream trophy of excellence if you give us good stuff.
Oighavildafish, none of the sites or programs I use are being nice to me. Geocities always freezes when I'm working on it, Flash takes forever, and Google still hasn't accepted my site. I'm beggin' ya Google! As soon as Googlebot finds Bream, I'll update the Squid Times. Argh, the Squid Times is a nightmare! As you can see, it's an enormously complex network now that I added archives. I've been too busy to work on the main Bream. And the sad thing is, most of the stuff in the Squid Times is still empty.
Well, in the good side of the news, we have a well working web counter, and I'll add a new picture.

GPF, Signing off.

I have recently performed an experiment, and that was to test out Geocities, and compare it to my lovely experience here on Tripod. I learned that Geocities is twice as good in the fact that you can click and drag stuff to make it more personal, but it is twice as complicated, twice as slow, and twice as tedious to create. So Bream will definitely remain on Tripod until it is popular enough for a domain (and when Datsun and I know enough graphic and web design).
Um... so... I'm currently working on a flash intro for bream, which will most likely involve a bream floating through space. When completed, expect it to be on the front page. I keep forgeting to write more Munchies, but expect it soon. In the meantime, check out the incredible random piece by Datson's friend (one of my alltime favorites), Abiclabicus the Ultimately Pointless, all written in old english. Yes, Datsun and his friends all have an unnecessarily large vocabulary; I'm working on mine.
One more thing you don't need to know: everything's getting archives, so if you see something here written by Datsun or me in one of these little update things, you can always look back on them when we delete it to make room for new slabs of useless garbage.
Until next time, my friend (PS, Do not anger abiclabicus!)

GiganticPuffyFluffball, signing off!

Well, Bream and the squid times are coming along well, and we are getting a good amount of traffic. The Squid Times is still under construction, so we apologise for the amount of placeholder text and haphazard links system.

I just wanted to remind you to check out doodelbream, as it is empty but yet it is cool.  It's a chat/messageboard/whiteboard.  Really neat.

Now we have three-digit hits! Yay! We just uploaded the legend of Abiclabicus, wich we will award the Bream award of exellence as soon as we get a suitable graphic.

YAY! Our site is finally on Yahoo and we've got double digit hits! To find it on yahoo, go to entertainment ->humor->bizarre humor. Now that I know I've got some people who commonly come here (hopefully) I'll update everything twice as fast.
I'm currently working on an archive section for each Bream/Squid Times article. How soon this will be accomplished I have no idea of.
New stuff includes extra articles in science, world news, and entertainment in the Squid Times. Also added is an extra midi in the downloads section.
Remember, if you have anything you wish to post on the site, be it a random story, or picture, or whatever, send it in.
This is GiganticPuffyFluffball, signing off

Well, Bream has been online for a week or so now, and we haven't had any visitor submissions or mail. So, if you visit this site PLEASE SEND US MAIL OR SUBMISSIONS! Also, TELL YOUR FRIENDS!!!! Anyway, thanks for visiting.

Hey, guess what? The site is getting bigger, with more links, pictures, stories, and other stuff then ever before! I've got chapter 2 of Muncies for Mr. Squid completed, expect that soon.
The neatest thing I have now is the "Bream: Award of Excellence" graphic. To get it, simply send us something cool. The award of excellence is something to show that real proffessional random people like your talent. If you post it on your site, your reputation will go way up... or people will think you're insane. REMEMBER: it will only be available for a limited time, so get it quick!
This is GigaticPuffyFluffball, signing off!

Hey, guess what fellow Cheesemen of Guatamala!  I updated the site!  And I posted the update on my index page!  As you know, that motion is completely purposeless, as practically as close to nobody as possible has ever viewed the site, and does not need to know how it changed since they were last here... for they never WERE HERE. Anyway...  this site is growing rapidly:  three days and it already has chat, pictures, stories...  I find it truly incredible myself, and am very proud.  So anyway, here's how the page you're currently looking at is going to work.  Here I will post not only updates on the site, but news.  Like purposeless events occuring in the distant land of politics, and stuff like that.  I will soon create an archive page that will be found in the award winning table of contents to your left, that will contain previous entries to the index page.  This will work much like a newspaper site.  In fact, I'm thinking of adding stuff, like movie reviews and weather reports, just to confuse you more on the main purpose of this random web page.  And remember:  Spread The Word!  I want the world to eventually know about this site!  The site is not on Google yet, but someday it will be, and it will be the first to pop up when people search for Bream.  I mean, before I made this site, I searched for bream every waking minute of my life!
This is GiganticPuffyFluffball, signing off!

Hello. Welcome to Bream, the online headquarters for random disturbed things. Perhaps you were searching for weird things and this came up. Perhaps not. Perhaps you were told to come to this site. Perhaps you would like me to stop saying pehaps and get on with the site. Yes, that seems more likely. Anyway, check out the stuff, and if you think you are worthy to write random stuff for us, check the "Contact Us" page.  Perhaps you shall be rewarded.  Send anything offensive, and perhaps we will unleash our Bream of Doom (see right).