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'Bout Us

What makes Bream Bream


The masterminds behind Bream are two guys with computers somewhere deep underneath the ocean.  Rumored to be top secret government agents on a mission to increase the population of the fish known as bream, no official information will be released, to ensure their security, so their archnemesises, the Salmon, will not discover their secret identities.
There are apparently two current members of the Bream team, one going by the alias GiganticPuffyFluffball, and the other by Datsun.  GiganticPuffyFluffball has had experience in comic and comedy, and has just recently been introduced to randomness by Datsun.  Fluffball is currently the leading graphic designer (determined to prove the true power of MSPaint), midi writer, and writer of Munchies for Mr. Squid, as seen in novels of fluff.
Datsun has had plenty of experience with randomness, and intimidates all with his uncanny ability to come up with a random phrase or action faster than javascript.  Datsun has done the main arrangement for the site, and put together the majority of the sections.  He also is the mail reader, and reads your mail.
Even thought they both are experienced with html, comedy, and other neat stuff, they are completely useless by average standards.  They wish for your help.  Together, we can all raise the population of bream, but they need your stories, graphics, and other input.  So give them stuff (see "Contact Us").
Otherwise, the Bream Team remains a mystery.  Their only photographical evidence is the above silhouette.
But they're out there.

The Bream Team needs you!