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Lotsa Cartoons. Go there. Read a Politically Incorrect cartoon. Thats all I ask.

An interesting site with lots to offer. Full of randomness.

Breamy Buddies

Our highlighted homemade sites

If I Had a Porch

The inspiration for this site. Possibly the funniest stuff on the net.  Here, and on other pages that are most likely linked to the site, you will find many hysterical random stories.


The unofficial, yet personal favorite, site devoted to Invader Zim, Fluffball's all time favorite show.  Randomness is heavily scattered across the cartoon, based on a little green alien blunderingly attempting to take over earth.  Another great inspiration.

Douglas Adams

If you truly want to write random/bizarre comedy, the Bream Team highly reccomends you read our favorite book series OF ALL TIME--The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.  This is the link to the home page of the late author, Douglas Adams

Salvador Dali Art Gallery

Sure, now you know where to view, watch, and read random stuff.  But what about studying random art?  Salvador Dali is our next stop.  A perfectly normal artist with an incredibly disturbed imagination, Dali has always bewildered the human race with his strange and bizarre pictures.  His works that were not willed to the museums in Spain are found in the MOMA, and many a scientific reference or parody has been made to his most famous work, The Persistence of Memory.

They Might Be Giants

You wanna' hear random music?  Listen to They Might Be Giants.  Their ingenious songs with ingenious tunes and brilliant singers will sing great songs with lyrics that will make you wanna' say "YAAAAAAAAYhuh?"  Their lyrics cover many random topics including a man the size of the universe with an inexplicable watch and a light switch that looks like a blue canary.  As twisted as their lyrics get, it's actually really great music!

The real  Don't worry, it's not the last website you'll ever see--that should be bream.  Anyway, what it is is where a bunch of people post their fears.  They can be really scary, really funny, or just random stuff.

Photos of the USS Bream

Photos of a ship called the USS Bream.  I laughed for a second or two once.

Remember, if you find a site that should be included in here, E-Mail it to:

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