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Highlighted Home Made Sites

Datsun and I know nothing of the CIA.  I tell you this now.  But our fellow agents have also made sites on their non-CIA missions.  Their non-CIA sites are somewhat cool, and I promised them I'd help them get their non-CIA sites going.  I am not covering anything up!

Lair of Halo

I, GiganticPuffyFluffball, had once taught DelTaco the art of HTML (or at least directed him to a web site to learn it) not knowing that he might become my rival in the business of web design.  A site for the XBox game, Halo, DelTaco's site is one of the finest pieces of work I have ever seen on tripod.  It flows very smoothly and has an adventurous, yet haunting atmosphere.  If you need Halo stuff, come here.  Now.


Okay, so it's not done.  But it might be soon, so if I were you I'd view the site.  A site with enormous potential, currently two pages, five images big, it'll get pretty interesting in the near future.  Her computer broke down, so it might take a while for it to grow, but look at it anyway.
Yes, we know it is a broken link. But we're working on it.

Dr. Odd

Our first random supporter.  Huge site.  Go there.


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