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GiganticPuffyFluffball here.  The point of this website is to confuse.  But there are certain points we don't want you to be confused on.  I took a good 20 minutes to clear some stuff up for ya'.

Q: What is GiganticPuffyFluffball's real name?

A: Define real. My real name is Emelio Zychi. I guess you could call that real. As real as you'll ever get.

Q: Why is Datsun called Datsun?

A: Well, datsun is what you call a caranoid. Or at least what I call a caranoid. He likes cars. He has a lot of connections wiht the industry of cars, and commonly uses a car, one way or another. He likes cars so much, he got this broken down wreck called a Datsun 240Z and is currently working on it, polishing it up. He likes Datsuns to the point where he uses it as his web alias.

Q: How old are you?

You mean compared to you? At this moment? To find our age, you and I would have to calculate our exact position and momentum in the spacetime equilibrium, and by then it will have changed.

Q: Is the Bream Team really a group of secret agents? Is it really under the sea? Does it really have any sort of connections with the species of fish known as bream? Basically, how real is the bream team?

A: Once again: define real. Technically... it's as real as you want it to be.

That help?