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The Tabloids

Everything you see here is absolutely true!

May 6, 2003
*******News Today*******
     Bin Laden has been cheating on his goat for a female goat named martha. martha gives grade A milk, and drives Double Decker busses. Martha is very good at her so-called "profession". She stops at red lights, goes at green, at runs at the intersection where the homeless squids live that acctually have money, but don't buy homes. These suids are foul. Speaking of foul, what is a foul exactaly? Does anyone know? I dont. Are fouls foul? If so how foul excataly are they? I need a reply LALALALALALALA. Im having a spazum now AHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!


This is me battling an alien

Datsun and GiganticPuffyFluffball seached earth and mars in their hummer/ferrari/spaceshuttle to bring you this information