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Our Other Bewildering Sites

Other sites we administrate.  Oh yeah, they're awesome.

The Bream Team makes a couple more sites than that which you see here.  These are all mostly extra stuff for us to do on our spare time, and are all mostly not very large, impressive sites.  Most of them are very much under construction.  However, we're movin' right along, and we'll soon have some quite impressive pieces of art.  Check 'em out now, give us some support, and we might pay you back, as always

MSPaint Adventure

Most people toss aside paint, thinking it can't stand a chance against other graphic design softwares.  However, it is well worth more than $0.00.  In this site you will learn how to optimize paint, and create images that will impress a photoshop master.

The Lair of Halo

Administrated by DelTaco and GPF, this is one of the best Halo sites I've ever been to.  I haven't been to any but this one, mainly because I don't own an XBox, and I just played it for the first time, but I do thoroughly enjoy the game and insist you go there for "All Your Halo Needs."

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