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Science, Health, and Technology

Stuff for Brains More Complicated than Yours

50 Years of Deoxyribonucleic Acid (the Double Helix (the Little Twistie Thing (DNA)))

Welcome to the future, where everyone purchases stuff, accomplishes business transactions, gives information about one'sself, and does other stuff by shoving their fingertip in front of a laser.

By studying one's genetic makeup, basically anything becomes possible. By giving one's genetic code to doctors, one can take genetic therapy, a process where one's genes are edited to fix a person; cure cancer, for example.

By falling into the wrong hands, one's genetic code could release all of your secure information.

It's pretty freaky stuff.

Remember in the beginning I said welcome to the future. This is not today's technology. Nope, not today Freddy Smith.

So how far away is it? Well the genome is mapped. We know every single variations of every single little...... thing... in your DNA. We just don't know what they do. Once we know that, we'll be able to target the piece of DNA down to figure out info about you. Give it a good 10 years to see some incredible progress.

50 years to perfect the technology.

500 years to accomplish things never dreampt by Doctor Seuss and Shel Silverstein put together.

Once again, very freaky stuff.

Anyway, it's been 50 years before the study of DNA began, so I thought I'd bring it up as some sort of aniversary thing.

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