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The Gadget to Get

Something Shiny and Expensive that the Bream Team Finds Cool

Bose Headphones

Well, in this case, most people turn to the land of the shiny and expensive, the Sharper Image. But believe it or not, though the Sharper Image headphones are powerful, they are uncomfortable and keep falling off, like when you try to put a pufferfish in your ear.

For a mere 300 dollars (250 dollars more than the sharper image headphones) you can get the best ones in the world. Is it worth it? Yes. I'll tell you why.

A set of Bose headphones is a massive piece of pure comfort. It blocks out all other sound to the point that you can wear them on an airplane and not hear anything but digital audio. Tell me that's not cool. Now, these headphones come in one color: silver. Very nice silver too. The actual pieces that go on your ears are three inches in diameter and two inches thick, although theay are still light and comfortable and have excellent grip.

So as trivial as it may seem, if you're some business guy who goes on millions of 10 hour plane trips, then this is a must have. If you don't get out much... well that thing that came with the walkman should last you.

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