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GPF's main page

Main web and graphic designer for Bream, Emelio, or GPF, is your friend and mine, and a swell guy at that.  As you may have guessed this is him speaking at the present, and he would like to direct you toward what you will find at this page.  This is a main writer page.  Anyone who proves themselves worthy of owning one will end up owning one.  So far only Datsun, SoCrates and I have proved worth.  Here you'll find Emelio's works and writings, as well as his recommendations for what to do here at bream, etc.  All contact information is beneath this text.  I hope you enjoy your stay at my little corner.  It's a very nice little corner.  Nice corner.

GPF's Works

Emelio's Novel: Munchies for Mister Squid


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