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Here I'll tell you about how I use Bream.  First of all, what is Bream?  It is a collection of works of random humor and funny stuff.  It is a network of people from all over the world where they can get their stories published for free.  Here's how to find your way around it.
First of all, go to the mind's glitches.  Soon the works here will be more organized but for now, most stories are put in this section.  We have in this section stories written by many people as well as other little pieces of written work.
If you want to communicate with others in our community, go to Doodlebream, our chat room, or our Message Board.
We will soon contain a library of pictures in our pictures section.  Now we only have a few, but with a few more submissions of pictures, we'll upgrade that portion of the site.
Then there's the main author pages.  You are currently reading Emelio's main page.  It's his page that he considers main.  Read it.  Then read someone else's.  You'll feel happy by the end of all this.
Well, this pretty much wraps it up.  Have a swell day!

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